New optoelectronic devices for the Near and Mid-Infrared spectral range open completely new possibilities for portable sensors creation. Using infrared LED-PD optopairs allows developing an instrument that is smaller, less expensive and energy-saving.

Plastic thickness measurement

Due to constant increase of plastic production and rise of quality requirements it becomes inevitable to use reliable and efficient quality control systems. Mid-infrared light-emitting diodes and photodiodes manufactured by LED Microsensor NT, LLC have already found their usefulness in a vast area of applications and have much to offer to plastic manufacturers.
Thickness measurement is based on the Beer’s law which states that intensity of transmitted light exponentially depends on thickness of material.

Thickness measurement principle:

Using mid-infrared LED-PD based solutions provides certain advantages for this sort of application:
✔  Compact size of the LED chip – 0.35x0.35 mm
✔  Low power consumption ( <1 mW)
✔  Short response time – 10-50 ns
✔  Modulation ranges of up to 100 MHz can be achieved
✔  Operation temperatures up to +150°C
✔  Lifetime 80 000 hours

The measurement can be applied to:
• PE films
• Containers (bottles, jars, pots, cans, glasses etc.)
• Canalisation, drainage pipes
• PE electrical insulation
• Cases for devices

• PS Heat insulation
• Containers and films for food industry
• Details for automotive production
• Packaging
• Water supply system pipes

• PVC fibers
• PVC electrical insulation
• Doors and windows

LED-PD based Evaluation systems for plastic thickness measurement
For quick start we offer out-of-the-box solutions that can be launched with minimal effort – evaluation systems:
UDK universal evaluation kit with modular design that includes:
- Light emitting diode Lms23LED or Lms34LED (other LED is available) with an LED driver
- Photodiode Lms24PD or Lms36PD (other PD is available) with a preamplifier
- SDM synchronous detector
- Any additional component(s) can be added by request

NEW LA-1t LED Analyser a device oriented for the initial experiments with different liquid (and other) substances, enables defining the absorption properties of the analyzed sample in the spectral range 1.3 – 2.3 µm.
LA-1t’s optical module includes:
- 8-element LED array with peak emission wavelengths about 1.3, 1.4, 1.6, 1.7, 1.9, 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 µm;
- Wideband photodiode with a cut-off wavelength about 2.4 µm and 2 mm sensitive area diameter;
- ZigBee/Bluetooth wireless data transmission module for fast data transfer to a data control center;
- Battery power supply for autonomous operation.

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