New optoelectronic devices for the Mid-Infrared spectral range open completely new possibilities for portable sensors creation. Using Mid-infrared LED-PD optopairs allows developing an instrument that is smaller, less expensive and versatile.
About LED Microsensor NT
LED Microsensor NT LLC is a company focused on manufacturing of optoelectronic devices for mid-IR spectral range. We offer a wide line of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), LED arrays and spectral matched Photodiodes (PD) that cover spectral range from 1600 to 5000 nm and related electronic devices.
About Microsensor Technology
Microsensor Technology is an affiliated R&D company, focusing within itself the intellectual capacity and appropriate facilities. Microsensor Technology LLC has received a resident status from The Skolkovo Innovation Centre. >>
Our products
We fabricate a broad line of mid-infrared LEDs for different matter analysis purposes. One-element LEDs can be used in point sensors for ecological monitoring, medical diagnostics, as well as in control systems for technological processes. >>
Nowadays semiconductor optoelectronic devices for near-infrared spectral range are widely used in telecommunications and lighting. LEDs and PDs possess great potential of using in optical analyzing systems, first of all in industry and ecological monitoring. >>

What`s new?

June 2017
Thank you for visiting us at Sensor + Test 2017 in Nuremberg. Hope to meet you again in 2018.
April 2017
LED Microsensor NT released the updated products catalogue
January 2017
LED Microsensor NT released the updated datasheets for standard photodiode models
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infrared light emitting diodes photodiodes

Mid-infrared LEDs possess certain competitive advantages:

✔ Low power consumption, compact size & low cost – ability to design autonomous wireless sensors (as a part of remotedly controlled systems)
✔ Long lifetime & no need in frequent calibration – cutting system maintenance costs (DCV, HVAC systems)
✔ Short response time – ability to analyse objects requiring immediate attention (plastic/paper during fabrication; medical applications)
✔ Multielement LED design & scalability – ability to arrange multiwavelength emitters and compact cost-effective LED spectrometers on their basis

Near and mid-infrared Light Emitting Diodes for spectral range 1000-5000 nm >>
LED arrays
LED arrays and matrices can be used as multi-channel emitters in point sensor systems, as well as provide rapid scanning of a certain spectral range. >>
Photodiodes for spectral ranges 1600-2400 nm, 2000-3600 nm and 3200-4600 nm with sensitive area 0.3 mm, 0.5 mm and 1.0 mm. >>
Related electronics
Variety of electronic units oriented for optimal operation with Mid Infrared LEDs and Photodiodes. >>

Popular products

Standard LED models (LmsXXLED) & standard photodiode models (LmsXXPD-XX)
- 3400 nm peak wavelength
- enhanced performance
- TO-18 package
- special glass covering
- 0.5 mm sensitive area
- cut-off at 3600 nm
- TO-18 package
- parabolic reflector
- with/without window
- 4300 nm wavelength
- enhanced performance
- TO-18 package
- special glass covering
- wide band PD
- cut-off at 4600 nm
- built-in preamplifier
- aluminum tubing & parabolic reflector
- special glass covering

Auxiliary electronics and evaluation systems
D-51i LED driver
- optimised for MID-IR LEDs
- variable pulse mode operation
- circuit brake safety system
- synchronisation input
- temperature observation feature
MDK-c Evaluation Kit
- wide band PD
- cut-off at 3600 nm
- TO-5 package
- cap for PD protection
- thermoelectric module