New optoelectronic devices for the Near and Mid-Infrared spectral range open completely new possibilities for portable sensors creation. Using infrared LED-PD optopairs allows developing an instrument that is smaller, less expensive and energy-saving.

D-51i LED driver



D-51i driver is designed for power supply of all Lms MIR LED models.


• D-51i driver provides pulse mode of operation (the mode of maximum peak optical power of an LED).
• Possibility to choose one of five current values (0.2/0.6/1/1.5/1.9 A), one of four frequencies (0.5/1/2/4 kHz) and pulse duration within four values (5/10/20/50/150 µs) via driver’s jumpers.
• Synchronisation input terminal block which allows:
- synchronising driver with an external device (synchronous detector etc.);
- synchronising two or more drivers simultaneously;
- setting custom frequency of the LED signal.
• Possibility of synchronization with an external device with the help of synchronization output terminal block.
• Ease of use and durability.
• Temperature control – possibility to judge LED p-n junction temperature changing by observing voltage changing using current-voltage dependence.


Pulse mode current-time relation

Main characteristics
Parameter Value
Input voltage Stabilized +12 V
Voltage tolerance
-5..+5 %
Power consumption
< 4 W
Board dimensions 80×70×15 mm
Synchronization output voltage 5 V
Adjustable parameters
Signal data Pulse mode
Pulse duration
5/10/20/50/150 µs
Repetition rate 0.5/1/2/4 kHz
Output current amplitude 0.2/0.6/1/1.5/1.9 A