New optoelectronic devices for the Near and Mid-Infrared spectral range open completely new possibilities for portable sensors creation. Using infrared LED-PD optopairs allows developing an instrument that is smaller, less expensive and energy-saving.

MCD Multichannel LED Driver



MCD driver is a utility board that unites several functions:
- power supply of arrays comprising of Mid-IR LEDs, supporting up to 8 channels;
- photodiode signal processing and amplification;
- synchronisation of LED and photodiode signals.


• Pulse mode operation (mode that provides maximum peak optical power).
• LED current amplitude and pulse duration are preset by manufacturer according to a customer’s request.
• Ability to work either with PD models without a built-in preamplifier (enabling an on-board MCD preamplifier) or with PD models with a built-in preamplifier .
• Built-in 8-channel synchronous detector, which provides synchronisation of LED signals with a photodiode preamplifier and further signal amplification.


Pulse mode current-time relation

Main characteristics
Parameter Value
Input voltage Stabilized +12 V
Voltage tolerance
-5..+5 %
Input current
< 0.25 A
Board dimensions 105×70×15 mm
Synchronization output voltage 11 V
(-4 V for inverted photodiode signal)
Fixed parameters
Pulse duration
20 µs
Repetition rate (per channel) 0.5 kHz
Repetition rate (8 channels) 4 kHz
Output current amplitude 0.4 A
Adjustable parameters
Output signal gain 1x-10x