New optoelectronic devices for the Near and Mid-Infrared spectral range open completely new possibilities for portable sensors creation. Using infrared LED-PD optopairs allows developing an instrument that is smaller, less expensive and energy-saving.

LA-T LED Analyser

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LA-T LED Analyser is oriented for initial experiments with different substances and enables defining the absorption properties of the analysed sample in 1.3 – 2.3 µm spectral range.


LA-T is formed in a single body that includes optical and electronic modules.
Optical module utilises a single pass transmittance scheme and includes:
✔ 8-element LED array with peak emission wavelengths about 1.3, 1.4, 1.6, 1.7, 1.9, 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 µm;
✔ Wideband photodiode with 2.4 µm cut-off wavelength.
Distance between the LED array and the photodiode is fixed and is about 15 mm (slit thickness is 4 mm).
Simple microscope slides can be used for liquid sample placing.
LEDs light up sequentially, photodiode detects the emission passing through the analysed sample and the obtained signal values are displayed on the main diagram of the program included in the Analyser set.
Electronic module enables:
✔ LED array power supply;
✔ Detection and amplification of the photodiode signal;
✔ Further signal conversion, processing and output to a PC via DAQ device through ZigBee wireless protocol.


♦ 1.3 – 2.3 µm scanning spectral range;
♦ Battery power supply with up to 30 hours of autonomous operation;
♦ Two modes of operation: single scan mode and cyclic scan mode;
♦ Two ways of cyclic scan operation: low (power saving) and high refresh rate;
♦ Wireless data transfer with ZigBee protocol;
♦ Included software for Windows OS.